Oasser Car Seat Headrest Pillow, Detachable headrest for car Travel, Adjustable 180 Degree Head Resting Pillow for Kids Adults CA1 (Black)

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  • 【universal car headrest】suitable for most car seats with metal poles and the pole distance is between 7-16cm. It provides a comfortable sleeping position for kids and adults, no longer worry about the head hitting the car door or window
  • 【strong & safe】made of advanced ABS material, the car headrest has strong support. The detachable PU leather is filled with comfortable memory foam, which is more soft, elastic, odorless and easy to clean
  • 【adjustable Headrest Pillow】the roadpal can not only rotate 180 ° to any height, but also can adjust the head width to get a comfortable sleep position. If you don’t need them, flip up out of the way
  • 【easy to install】no other tools required, only 3 steps to assemble and remove the car headrest. First, select the correct rubber washer to connect to the headrest pole. Then connect the body to the rubber washer. Finally, close the back cover and tighten the screws
  • 【get it now】Oasser car seat headrest is a good helper to solve the problem that passengers don’t have effective support on the side of their head when they ride in the car. Have it now, Enjoy a more comfortable travel and better service of oasser

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Do you have such troubles during long-distance travel?

1. There is no support when sleeping, and sleeping all over the place.

2. When the vehicle is turning sharply, the head hits the door or glass.

3. Shaking the head all the time, easily causing motion sickness

Don’t worry, the oasser adjustable headrest is designed to provide a comfortable sleeping position for family members and children on the road.

The pillows on both sides provide soft support for the head and neck to prevent the head from hitting the door or window when sleeping.

  • comfortable angle!
  • Fit your face to prevent side collisions!
  • Reduce the pressure caused by shaking during driving!
  • Beautiful pattern design!
  • Small and light, high compatibility!
  • Very suitable for high-end packaging and gifts!

Q: Can the headrest be quickly installed and removed, or can it never be removed after installation?

A: it can be quickly installed and disassembled at any time without occupying space.

Q: Can it be disassembled and washed?

A: Yes.

Q: Does this headrest need some screws to be fixed on the car seat?

A: just use the screws in the product according to the installation instructions. No other tools are needed.

Q: Is it compatible with the peg Perego child car seat?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the side cushions rotate independently to different positions?

A: Yes, the side pillows rotate independently of each other.

Q: Will it block the head when not using the headrest?

A: No, you can rotate the headrest to 180° parallel to the car seat headrest.