Oasser Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock 120dB Alarm Disc Lock, Stainless Steel Lock Large Capacity Battery Intelligent ON/Off Alarm Function for Motorcycle Bike Scooters(Gray)


【Theft Prevention】Oasser motorcycle disc lock protects your beloved motorcycle bike from thieves while at home or parking outside with up to 120dB loud alarm sound. No need a key, easy to lock with one-press operation, thieves can not do anything else.
【On/off Alarm Function】In the alarm mode, Sensitive movement shock sensor will activate the alarm when vibrated to frighten thieves away from your belongings. If you are in a safe area and don’t want to cause trouble to the surrounding, you can turn off the alarm function as needed.
【SOLID & WATERPROOF】304 stainless steel body and cutting edge technology smooth surface make the Disc Brake Lock more durable, 1.4mm lock plate and double-sided blade lock core prevent from thief sawing off or prying open. IP66 waterproof level, no need to worry about wind and rain.
【Wide Compatibility】 Oasser disc lock alarm is suitable for the majority of the motorcycles, electromobile, bicycle and scooter with disc brakes, where the brake rotor is less than 7mm (1/4″) thick.
【Long service life】Comes with an 800mAh high-capacity lithium manganese battery, with a standby time of up to 12 months. You can use an Allen key to replace the battery in a few seconds.

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Oasser Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm works by locking the disc brake, which helps to stop the movement of vehicles and keep the safety of vehicle.

New disc brake lock in 2021! We investigated many similar products, found the problems of customer feedback in them, and optimized them. Developed this product, which is your best choice.

  • 304 stainless steel material, sturdy and durable
  • Built-in sensitive sensor that detect any shocks and movements
  • With 120 dB alarm sound, loud to scare away thieves
  • IP66 Waterproof Protection, safe and reliable waterproof protection
  • CR2 Detachable lithium battery with large capacity for long-term use and more stable performance
  • One-press operation, easy to use

No need a key, easy to lock with one-press operation.

  • Start The Alarm Mode

When the alarm function is activated, please note that if the lock body gets vibration, this product will send out three warning sounds first.

If the vibration keeps up, this product will send out a harsh 120 decibels alarm sound, lasting for about 10 seconds.

If the shaking stops, it will not sound any more; if the shaking keeps going on, it will continue making an alarm sounds.

  • Start The Non-Alarm Mode (Switch To Silent Mode)

If you reach a safe place or if you’re worried about the alarm going off wrong due to the wind or rain, you can manually turn off this alarm disc lock into silent mode.

Battery Replacement

800mAh capacity lithium battery, standby time up to 6-12 months.

When the lock emits the low voltage alarm “Biu Biu Biu Biu Biu Biu” (5*3 times), it means the battery is about to run out and needs to be replaced.

Use the allen wrench to unscrew the screws, remove the cover and replace the battery.

Waterproof and Wide Compatibility

The sealed electronic alarm of IP66 waterproof level is dustproof and waterproof, without fear of wind and rain. The alarm still worked even when it was placed in a container full of water.

Fits for the disc brake:

With thickness not more than 7mm(0.27inch).

With width not more than 50mm(1.9inch).

Its hole diameter should be at least 6mm(0.25inch).